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Don’t Fix These 5 Things When Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

Don’t Fix These 5 Things When Selling Your Home in Philadelphia

Preparing your home for a sale is time-consuming and expensive. Renovations like a new roof or new carpets can cost you thousands of dollars and may not give you the best return on investment. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when fixing your Philadelphia home before a sale.

1. Cosmetic Repairs

Some amount of normal wear and tear is expected in any house. So, you don’t have to fix every tiny issue unless there’s a major underlying problem. Some cosmetic repairs include minor cracks in the flooring, outdated bathroom fixtures, and scratches on the baseboard. If you want to fix a cosmetic issue, make sure to consider the time and money it takes to fix it before going ahead with the repair.

For example, replacing old floor tiles is expensive and labor-intensive. Instead of spending a fortune on it, you can lower the price accordingly to sell a house fast in Philadelphia. Other updates like repainting a room are low-cost and easy.

2. Small Electrical Repairs

Often, homeowners assume that any electrical repair is innately severe and needs to be addressed immediately. While that may be true in the case of sparking outlets, exposed wires, and dangling lights, other minor electrical issues can be left as-is. A wobbly light switch or a socket that doesn’t work doesn’t have to be repaired if you don’t have the budget for it.

3. Building Code Issues

Building code issues are likely to crop up in a home inspection report. But that doesn’t mean you have to fix them. Building codes change, and a house built in the 1970s will probably not meet today’s standards. That’s okay, and most home buyers understand it. If the buyer wants to upgrade the home to the current standards, it’s up to them, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.

4. Partial Remodels

Partial remodels never work, and they make the house look incomplete. Let’s say you replace the vanity in your bathroom since it looks old. Now, the vanity looks modern, but the rest of the bathroom feels outdated. It’s a good idea to avoid partial remodels.

5. Removable Items

Why replace something when you can remove it? For example, you may have dated or broken window treatments. Instead of replacing the windows, remove and clean them to make the room appear bigger and brighter. The same goes for old appliances. If you’ve got old and unused gadgets like a VCR or DVD player, remove them.

Showcase Potential and Not Perfection

As a homeowner, you know every inch of your house and its flaws. So, it may feel overwhelming to make the home attractive to potential buyers. Instead of giving in to the temptation of fixing everything, remember this fundamental principle: you need to showcase the potential of your house. You don’t have to polish it to perfection. And, if you’re hoping to make a quick sale without fixing anything, the best bet is to sell it directly to the top-rated cash home buyers in Philadelphia. Reach out to Just Sell It As Is to get the best cash offer for your house for free!

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