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Hidden Costs Involved in Selling a House in Pennsylvania

Hidden Costs Involved in Selling a House in Pennsylvania

Many people know that buying a real estate property comes with many hidden costs but are unaware that selling a property can also be expensive. Most sellers only know about the 5% to 6% of the selling price they will have to pay the realtor. However, there are hidden costs associated with a home sale in Pennsylvania. To avoid such an expensive affair, some homeowners opt for cash home buyers in Pennsylvania and sell their homes quickly for cash. Below are some hidden costs to prepare you for when you decide to sell a house.


Many homeowners feel it is effective to hire a real estate agent to oversee the entire process. However, hiring a realtor will cost you a lot of money. The commission or the brokerage they charge is estimated at 6% of the sale price. If hiring a realtor to sell a house fast in Pennsylvania, you should be prepared to pay this extra cost.

Pre-Inspection and Independent Appraisal Costs

It is always better for homeowners intending to sell their houses in Pennsylvania to organize pre-inspection and independent appraisal. These steps will help them to determine their house’s value appropriately. These steps can also show them what needs to be repaired to boost the home’s value. Both of these processes are costly.

Renovations and Repairs

The money spent on renovations and repairs will vary depending on the house’s condition. Certain renovations and improvements will also vary in price depending on the labor costs, price of materials, and scope of the project. It can also be challenging to estimate these costs accurately at the outset.


Staging is a necessary process that helps make the house appealing to potential buyers. Some home sellers hire professional help to stage the house, while others do it themselves. Whatever the method, it will cost them money as it can involve painting, replacing upholstery and drapery, and purchasing furniture and décor.

Closing Costs

Closing costs are fees paid at the end of a real estate transaction and are often shared between the buyer and the seller. These include property taxes, transactional costs, recording costs, attorney fees, survey fees, documentation fees, appraisal fees, inspection fees, and more. Depending on how the fees are split, the closing costs paid by the seller might vary.

Vacant Property Fees

If your house hasn’t sold before you have moved out, you will have to look after the upkeep of the property. Keeping the property looking good while on the market is essential. It could be cheap, but if you intend to boost the look of the house to enhance interest, it may cost you a considerable sum of money.

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