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Do You Own A Vacant Home In Maryland? Here’s Why It Could Be At Risk

Several reasons may explain why your Maryland home has remained unoccupied for a long time. For example, you might have moved out of state so you no longer can care for it, or you could be waiting for just the right buyer to sell it to.

Regardless of why you’re leaving the home unoccupied for an extended period, it’s best to NOT do this. There are a few key reasons why you shouldn’t leave your Maryland home vacant for too long, including:

1. Squatters

An empty house is every squatter’s dream. They can live in this space without the homeowner’s consent, and sometimes they can go months without being caught. Squatters are one of the biggest risks associated with leaving a property vacant for a long time.

And even if squatters are occupying your home illegally, they may still have rights in Maryland, which means getting them removed could be an even bigger hassle than you might assume at first. As a Maryland home owner, you’ve got to be extra vigilant when leaving your home unoccupied for a long time, as squatters may take over if you’re not.

2. Loss Of Property Value

The longer a home sits on the market, the more its value will decrease. And by the time you get around to selling it, extensive repairs and renovations could be required, some of which may not have been necessary months prior. And since a vacant home doesn’t generate income, it’s a money pit. This reality alone leads many owners of vacant properties to sell to cash home buyers in Maryland.

3. Structural Damage

If you leave your home unoccupied for a long time, such could lead to structural damage. It may get overrun by fungi, mold, termites—truly anything can happen. Once a home has been vacant for years, getting it market-ready will be a big to-do.

4. Loss Of Rent

Real estate is a popular generator of cash flow. But when a property is vacant, it’s not bringing money in—it’s draining your wallet, actually. And without a tenant there paying rent, repairs and renovations will have to be paid for entirely by you, and there will be no income to offset these expenses.

If you can fix up a vacant home, rent it out immediately so cash starts coming in and you can recoup a bit. Alternatively, you could sell it for cash and be done with all these hassles.

Sell Your Vacant Home In Maryland For Cash

In addition to the problems listed above, leaving your home unoccupied could make it prone to vandalism, insurance issues, and plenty of other headache-causing situations. If you want to just be done with the vacant property, sell it to a cash buyer.

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