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A Simple Guide To Selling A Home With Active Liens

There are two major concerns homeowners have when they’re preparing to sell a house fast in Delaware: one is that they want to get the most money possible from the sale, and the other is that they want the process to be smooth. But even if you find the right buyer, you could still face problems while selling, especially if your home has liens against it.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can proceed with a sale when your home has numerous liens against it, you’re not alone. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about selling a house in Delaware that has liens.

Is It Possible To Sell A House With Liens?

Yes, you can sell a house in Delaware even if it has liens against it. However, you’ll have to deal with the liens before closing. If a potential buyer discovers a lien during the title search, it’s likely they’ll back out and look for a lien-free property.

So what’s one to do? Well, here are three steps to follow so you can complete a sale smoothly even when the home has liens against it:

Step 1: Check If There Are Any Outstanding Liens

Very often, homeowners are unaware of outstanding property liens. If someone makes a claim against your property, it’s likely because they believe you owe them money. You could get a lien from:

  • The IRS
  • A lender.
  • A tradesperson who did work on your home.

Proactively checking for outstanding liens will ensure you avoid unpleasant lien-related surprises later on when you go to sell the property. If you’re working with a realtor, ask them how you can see if there are liens against your property before listing it on the market.

Step 2: Check If The Liens Are Legitimate

Sometimes liens are neither accurate nor current. For example, you might have settled an outstanding bill with a creditor but the lien is still there. This is another reason why it’s smart to check for outstanding liens before listing your home.

You could have a lien because of a small bill you forgot to pay years ago—but even something that minor could delay a home sale quite substantially. If you find that the liens are illegitimate or old, make sure you discuss things with relevant creditors to get these liens removed.

Step 3: Deal With Outstanding Liens

While it’s possible to sell a home with liens, most buyers stay clear of such properties. And if a buyer does want your home, it’s likely they’ll demand a much lower price because of the liens. So if you want to sell your home on the open market, resolving active liens will help you achieve a quick sale.

Once you decide to resolve outstanding liens, the first step is finding out what you owe to creditors. If a bill is small and you can pay it, pay and then get a written letter of confirmation from the creditor; this will detail their intent to close the lien.

If the amount is too large, you can factor this into the sale price, and perhaps you’ll have to add a clause in the contract which explains the price is based on the lien’s presence.

There’s a possibility that it might not be easy to resolve liens quickly, especially if they’re related to the IRS or other government agencies. If this is the case, the better option is to sell your house to local cash home buyers in Delaware.

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