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How To Sell My New Jersey House Without A Realtor

How To Sell My New Jersey House Without A Realtor

No state mandates that home sellers must hire a realtor to complete the transaction. However, a realtor can bring a lot to the table—if you hire the right one. But hiring a realtor can be expensive, and in a time when every penny counts, home sellers don’t want to pay hefty commissions and realtor fees if they don’t have to.

That’s why more homeowners are choosing to sell without help from a realtor. If you want to know more about how this is possible and how to do it, read through the sections below.

Step 1: Choose The Best Time To Sell Your House

The best seasons for selling a home are spring and summer. You may be able to sell your home for a higher price during these months. And if you want to sell a house fast in New Jersey, selling during either spring or summer is the way to go.

Step 2: Get Your Home Market-Ready

Try to make a striking first impression. To do this, depersonalize your house and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny. Both fixing squeaky doorknobs and painting your home neutral colors can do a world of good, for when buyers see your home they’ll be impressed right off the bat.

Step 3: List Your Home At A Fair Price

Use the internet to research what similar nearby properties sold for recently. With this info, price your home accordingly. Remember that low-balling yourself is the last thing you should do, and you should also avoid setting the price so high that it discourages buyers from checking the property out.

Step 4: Set Up An Open House

You can market the sale of your property without using an agent by hosting an open house. Like any real estate agent, you should promote your open house by posting information online and putting up signs in your neighborhood.

Step 5: MLS Listing

You should make your listing detailed and attractive, especially if it’s going on the MLS. Your listing should be full of pictures, and some videos will be a big help. Make sure all photos and videos are high-quality and professionally produced.

Step 6: Negotiate With Buyers

When a buyer expresses interest in the property, they’ll make an offer. But you shouldn’t accept the first offer you get. Do a bit of negotiating to make sure you’re getting a good deal. But remember that the deal should be good for you and the buyer—this way there’s no acrimony at closing.

Step 7: Closing

Complete necessary legal paperwork to sell your home once you’ve accepted an offer. What’s required differs from state to state, and you’ll also need to abide by any applicable federal regulations.

Final Words

Although For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can save you thousands, you may get frustrated when you choose to sell this way. So instead, sell to cash home buyers in NJ. Specifically, sell to Just Sell It As-Is. We’ll buy your home no matter the condition it’s in, so you won’t need to repair anything before selling to us. And if you accept our offer, we can close in under 30 days.

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